Park Village Pines has provided Senior Assisted Living in Kalamazoo (and Elderly Assisted Care services) since 1983. In our three buildings we serve seniors and the elderly who have few or basic care needs as well as those who require specialized or memory loss care.

Now Offering Short-Term Care

  • Need a break from caring for a senior loved one?
  • Does Dad want to know what assisted living is like before he moves in permanently?
  • Going on vacation and don't want to worry about Mom?
  • Is your elderly parent who isn't quite ready to go home being discharged from a hospital or nursing home?

If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes", Park Village Pines is ready to partner with you. Park Village Pines, the Christian Assisted living community of Kalamazoo, is now providing short term care. Caregivers can now get the helping hand they need and seniors have a place to become ready to live in their own home again.

All meals, medication service, and care that meets their needs is provided to our short-term residents. Fellowship, organized activities, and special events will enrich their lives during their stay in our community.

Rates are favorable, and the length of the stay will match your need. For more information, call Lindsay Smith, Community Relations Manager, at (269) 544-2034.

We'll Meet Your Care Needs

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