Board and Staff

Park Village Pines is a locally-based, independent 501c3 corporation which is led by a Board of Directors.  The members of this Board are:


Board of Directors:

Derek Rowe • President

Jerry Whitaker

Shaun Willis • Vice President

Marianne Voetberg • Treasurer

Jeff DeNooyer • Secretary

Daniel Johnson • Trustee

Mike Pruis • Trustee

Bob Visser • Trustee

Perry Westerman • Trustee

Jeff Willson • Trustee

Mark Jevert • Trustee


Members of the Leadership Team of Park Village Pines are:

Dave Bos, Executive Director Email Dave Bos

Arlene Kiel, Director of Human Resources Email Arlene Kiel

Eric Hines, Human Resources Email Eric Hines

David Murray, Director of Case Work/Compliance Email Dave Murry

Melissa Peebles, Director of Resident Care Email Melissa Peebles

Michelle Mogg, Director of Finance    Email Michelle Mogg

Scott McGraw, Director of Development & Marketing    Email Scott McGraw

Lindsay Smith, Community Relations Manager Email Lindsay Smith

Kim Sandelin, Spiritual Life Coordinator Email Kim Sandelin