Elderly Assisted Living and Senior Assisted Care in Kalamazoo

The range of care provided in elderly assisted living facilities varies by state. Generally speaking, however, elderly assisted living (also known as senior assisted care) communities are designed to help their residents with the activities of daily living (ADLS) such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and more. In Michigan, elderly assisted living also includes medication assistance and more extensive non-medical care services. Physical therapy and hospice contractors often perform services in these senior assisted care communities, too.

Park Village Pines provides the broadest range of elderly assisted living/senior assisted care that is allowed under our license issued by the State of Michigan. Those who need minimal senior care live in our original building, enjoy the measure of independence which we help them to maintain and only pay for additional care services they need. As elderly care needs increase, residents might move to other parts of Park Village Pines or they can live in other senior communities on our connected campus.

Crystal Woods was built in 2000 to provide memory care of the highest quality. Recently renovated, the community features spacious rooms and a loving atmosphere that supports families and residents as they walk through this stage of life together. Oakview Terrace, an elderly assisted living community unique to the Kalamazoo area, opened in 2011 to provide those whose needs are great with specialized senior assisted care. Both of these communities have highly and specifically trained staffs which allow our residents to "age in place" on our campus.

What distinguishes Park Village Pines among the Kalamazoo area's elderly assisted living communities?


  • The senior assisted care we provide. Our faith-based heritage is at the core of our compassionate care. We have an outstanding reputation as a top provider of senior assisted care in the Kalamazoo area with the state of Michigan's licensing authorities. State-of-the-art technology and methods such as our computerized care tracking system and our implementation of Validation Therapy (to better communicate with residents who have Alzheimer's disease) have helped us provide our residents with elderly assisted living of the highest quality.
  • The quality experience we provide. Our modern, updated facilities are on a beautiful, secluded campus which has a country feel while conveniently located on the west side of Kalamazoo. A full range of social activities, events, and religious services are offered, as are the full-time services of our Chaplain and our Social Worker. 
  • Our cost advantage. Our non-profit status and Christian values allow us to be good stewards of our resources, only charge our residents for the care they need, and make it possible to not require residents to pay large up-front payments or sign long-term leases. Park Village Pines is considered to be an excellent value in Kalamazoo area elderly assisted living and senior assisted care.